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LESS - Laparo-Endoscopic Single-Site Surgery

Laparo Endoscopic Single-Site Surgery (LESS surgery) – endoscopic surgery via the umbilicus – ranks as one of the most important recent innovations in medical technology.

Over the next few years, a larger number of gall bladder operations will be performed via the umbilicus. Experts predict a significant increase in operations – including complex operations – involving ‘scarless’ surgery within the coming years.

In addition to the benefits for the patient in terms of the cosmetic aspect and reduction in pain from the healing process, this new form of access brings advantages for hospitals, with costs being held at the same level as for conventional operating techniques, whilst continuing the trend towards shorter in-patient times and reduced hospital costs through minimised risk of postoperative infection.

TriPort+, TriPort15 and QuadPort+

Patients as well as medical professionals can get an in depth view on LESS surgery at www.less-surgery.eu. The information portal from Olympus offering all information needed from the products over the procedures to experts and videos.


LESS Surgery


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